social wellness

Understanding that you are part of something much bigger than yourself is essential in maintaining a holistic healthy lifestyle.  Facilitating a healthy mindset includes being part of a community to share yourself with others and to give without expecting anything in return.


I'm Not Okay and It's Okay

Stop … Deep Breaths … Release…. Exhale… One step…. then two… and before you know it… you’ve made it through another day.


‘Jahmela’s Song’

My Favorite Herbs For My Dry Skin

I am allowing myself bragging rights because I worked really hard to have soft, smooth, glowing skin.  From wearing long sleeves and basketball shorts in the summer, sometimes hoping to be seen as a tomboy, when really I just didn’t want anyone to see behind my knees., my insecurity levels were through the roof…

                                                                      ‘Joyefully Natural’