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A Holistic Approach

Meet Our Preferred Nutritionist

Leah Daniels MS

Leah Daniels has her Masters in Nutrition and Integrative Health and is a Certified Personal Trainer.  She has been doing her passion for the past eight years and continues to learn and grow in her profession.  She specializes in teaching senior citizens in group fitness.  Her inspiration came about because of her admiration and love of her grandfather who continued to serve others and remain physically active to the age of 90.  Her desire is to inspire others to live their life to the fullest and to be healthy and acitve in Restoring their Temples!  


Raffaella Garofanelli

 Raffaella began paving her way and growing her foundation in lifestyle health and wellness since 2014. Her interests and zeal in Food and Nutrition along with all things Natural began from growing up in The Caribbean gardening with her Bahamian Grandmother and being in the kitchen with her grandmother and  Italian Father. She became accustomed to wholesome, quality, and the nutritious Caribbean and Italian provisions that transcended into vitality of health. As an adolescent she began reflecting on her individual health through supplementation and a vegetarian diet starting in her teenage years.  This natural progression led to her having a passion for creating living, herbal and medicinal elixirs, tonics, juices, nut milk along with Gourmet Living (Raw) Plant Focused Foods. This organically became the foundation and catalyst for her 2014 business venture @EllasSuperfoodElixirs. Raffaella believes that Food and Nutrition are major contributors to sustaining vibrant, healthful, and high-quality lifestyles. In her work, she expounds on how Food and Nutrition also aid in the holistic process of a healthy lifestyle through being foundational in the prevention of chronic diseases. 


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