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A Holistic Approach To Fitness

Meet Our Holistic Trainers

Sierra Simons

Sierra Simons, is a certified personal trainer that was born in Bermuda.  Sierra moved to Maryland in 2012 where she obtained her Bachelor’s in Fitness and Wellness.  She also has a double Master’s degree in Rehabilitative Sciences and Sports Psychology.  Sierra loves anything outdoorsy (with minimal bugs), sports, music, reading traveling, and most importantly sleeping.  She also loves fitness and assisting others in their journey to health and wellness.  Sierra loves the teaching aspect of fitness and showing her clients working out can be fun!  Her overall goal is to assist individuals in engaging all aspects of the learner, including the mind, body, and spirit.  She believes this is done with the hope that each individual finds their true identity, meaning and/or purpose in life via physical activity.


Kailisha Madrid

Kailisha Madrid was born and raised in Oklahoma City.  Throughout her youth, she was always involved in fitness and sport.  In high school she played basketball and competed in Track & Field.  Kailisha played at the highest level, playing in the basketball state finals and setting track records; one record still stands today.  She participated at Junior nationals in track and field in the long jump and 100 meter hurdles.  Kailisha also had the privilege of competing in both sports at the collegiate level.  Her love for these sports has helped her to develop into the coach and trainer she is today.  As a competitive athlete she learned the meaning of perseverance, hard work, and dedication.  Her experiences as an athlete has allowed her to understand how to motivate, inspire and to help others achieve their personal goals.  She is a certified physical education teacher and personal trainer.  Kailisha is a woman on a mission.  She has learned that her purpose and passion flow from helping others improve themselves.  Kailisha wants to inspire other women to be strong, courageous, and confident. 

Strenghin Me Fitness LLC

 Krista Byrd, Co-Owner of StrengthIn Me Fitness is an experienced, dedicated, and professional personal trainer, with 9 years of experience in the fitness industry! A native of the D(M)V area. An active athlete herself, Krista spent most of her life staying active as a multi-athlete through sports, such as soccer, basketball, cross country, and track & field up to the NCAA D2 level.  Krista enjoys training a range of people with different goals and abilities and knows how to craft enjoyable, rewarding, and creative workouts!  Krista obtained her degree in Physical Education and Health Fitness Management from Washington Adventist University. After graduating, she began working at her Alma Mater as a Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach. Yearning for more she moved on to be the Strength and Conditioning coach for WAU’s Women’s Basketball, Soccer, and Softball program. It was there where she found her niche at helping people better themselves all while still taking charge like the natural-born leader she is. Her goal is to create a program that challenges clients and allows them to get into great shape.

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