"Life is Precious"




At Nyaga Health we seek to provide a holistic virtual wellness space with removed barriers so often faced by People/Persons of Color and intersectionality communities.


All Religions

All Sexual Orientations

All Gender Identities and Expressions

All Countries of Origin

All Abilities

All Ethnicities

All Bodies


A Holistic Approach to Mental Health and Wellness

Nyaga Health is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Vashon and Jahmela Williams.  Vashon and Jahmela have numerous years of experience and background in the field of health and wellness. Both have dedicated their life careers to helping individuals grow to become their optimum selves.  Vashon and Jahmela founded Nyaga to provide a platform where individuals can go to obtain services in holistic living.  

We believe we are Intelligently Designed. We believe we were designed to live a way that leads to a life full of purpose, meaning, and holistic value. We believe when we live “The Way” we are able to experience this fullness of life in Body, Mind, and Spirit.

It is our goal at Nyaga to support individuals who are interested in living a more abundant life in body, mind, and spirit, learn how to incorporate principles of holistic wellness into their daily life.  We do not consider ourselves the expert or authority, but rather facilitators who accompany you on your journey to wellness.  

Our services are uniquely designed to provide you with a safe place where you are able to explore your current state of wellness, identify the areas in need of improvement, develop a plan of action for change, and support throughout the process of implementation of that plan.

At Nyaga, we look forward to the opportunity to accompany you on what we believe is the most important journey in life-our journey to wellness- because “Life is Precious”!